Air-Export Receiving Terminals

Warehouse and Distribution offered by Navigational Logistics, Inc. 

A Global Logistics Solutions company since 2002 

Warehouse and Distribution services 

Navigational Logistics is dedicated to offering the best in warehousing and distribution.

Services include: 

  • Warehouse Management – Navigational Logistics has strategic warehouses nationwide to handle and manage your cargo needs.
  • Receiving database – Navigational Logistics can customize and organize your cargo. Offering detailed information on your cargo warehoused with Navigational Logistics.
  • Packing / Crating solutions – Navigational Logistics can assist in getting your cargo packaged and or crated for international transport
  • Distribution – Navigational Logistics can help to distribute your cargo to the needs of your customers.
  • Reports – We can provide a detailed report of cargo with the Navigational Logistics system to help organize a constant knowledge of your cargo.

You will find that having Navigational Logistics handle the transportation of your cargo you have a trusted name to cover all aspects of the shipment.

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